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From help desk systems to digital signage, we’re making IT for schools simple.

Let us show you how cloud solutions can facilitate increased collaboration between students as well as teachers. We’ll work together with you to assess your existing systems, plan necessary upgrades, and monitor your networks and devices.

Free yourself up to focus on growing your organization while we help simplify the IT services for education that keep you moving forward. Build a bigger community by connecting parents, students, and teachers with communications platforms for file sharing, voice chat, video conferencing, SMS texting, and more. Secure your Wi-Fi networks to prevent unwanted traffic and protect your school from malicious hackers and malware. Provide educators and students with intuitive devices that allow them to do their very best work while maintaining adequate controls over usage.


IT services for private schools, charter schools, and other educational institutions are now a critical requirement in the quest to prepare young people for the world ahead of them. Growing up with technology from an early age, they are tech savvy and comfortable using a variety of devices and software. To keep students engaged and provide them with the tools that they need to succeed, schools must establish a long-lasting infrastructure that’s supported with specialized expertise. Threat detection, content filtering, help desk solutions, device security, cloud storage, online tuition payments, and centralized management solutions are standard needs for modernizing your school.

Enhanced online learning solutions, improved device security, optimized cloud-based communications, and much more are all achievable through IT services for education from Mercer Bucks Technology.

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