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From device and equipment connections to maximum security data encryption, we’re making healthcare IT services simple.

Let us show you how managed IT services for healthcare companies can provide cost-effective solutions that connect patients and medical professionals with the tools they need. We’ll work together with you to assess, design, and implement a technology solution that ensures HIPAA compliance, facilitates innovation, and promotes positive outcomes.

Free yourself up to focus on building your business while we help simplify the healthcare IT services that keep you moving forward. Start everyday with confidence knowing that your Wi-Fi network has been optimized to eliminate any coverage gaps and keep your Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) system online all the time. Empower your staff to extend your office beyond its physical space with telemedicine solutions protected by security encryption systems and virtual private networks (VPNs). Keep critical consultation information in the palm of your hand by leveraging in-office mobile devices and the latest connected medical tech equipment.

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IT services for healthcare businesses have grown exponentially over the last few years. Virtual consultations via video conferencing, along with chat, SMS, and voice solutions are no longer optional, but are a necessity. Even outside of traditional doctor’s offices, emerging technologies can enable ambulatory services and nursing and residential care facilities to build connections, facilitate collaboration, and reduce expenses. Electronic health records, medical insurance billing and claims, email communications, and more all rely on digital networks and computers that need to be optimized, maintained, and proactively monitored.

HIPAA compliant data storage, virtual telehealth services, mobile solutions, and much more are all achievable through healthcare IT services from Mercer Bucks Technology.

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