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Communicate using high-definition audio, SMS texting features, conferencing, and more.

From toll-free numbers and fraud protection systems to fax capabilities, we’re making VoIP telephone solutions simple.

Let us show you how a voice over IP phone system can keep your team connected while avoiding long-term contracts and expensive service agreements. We’ll work together with you to design, implement, and support a VoIP phone system for your business that will eliminate costly business phone contracts quickly and reliably.

Free yourself up to focus on your business while we help simplify the business phone system that keeps you connected. Communicate clearly across your entire organization, business network, and beyond at top speed using cloud-based internet technology instead of the traditional telephone switchboard system. Scale to add new employees, devices, locations, and more without having to add lines or reprogram your phones. Gain unique insights from visual analytics dashboards that ensure that your teams are communicating effectively.

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VoIP telephone systems are simple, cost-effective phone solutions that leverage your existing internet connection to reduce operating expenses. Instead of paying for an outdated and underperforming traditional phone service, unified communications through a VoIP phone system will provide a level of unimaginable flexibility for you and your business. Establish a call center with assigned user roles and permissions that route and distribute calls as needed, empowering your employees to take success to the next level. Secure communications using a protected network and fraud detection features that eliminate suspicious activity immediately.

HD voice calls, SMS texting, audio and video conferencing, fax compatibility, and much more are all achievable through VoIP telephone systems from Mercer Bucks Technology.

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