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Install cameras, identify visual gaps, optimize storage, and more.

From site assessments to remote connectivity, we’re making surveillance systems simple.

Let us show you how a business surveillance system can protect you from theft, meet certification requirements, and keep your workplace secure. We’ll work together with you to understand your surveillance needs, outline hardware options, and setup recording and storage systems that ensure that you have the footage that you need, when and where you need it.

Free yourself up to focus on building your business while we help simplify the surveillance system that keeps you protected. Travel off-site with confidence knowing that your products and registers are being monitored should an incident occur. Remote into your surveillance network to check-in on things and see firsthand how busy business is at any moment. Put customers at ease by capturing digital video of popular areas, entrances, and exits.

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Surveillance systems for businesses provide a visual record of day-to-day operations, comings and goings, as well as incidents and accidents. Outdoor cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities can keep your building and surrounding area safe and secure. Indoor cameras at the point-of-sale (POS) can monitor register transactions with a watchful eye. Security systems linked to hidden cameras can alert authorities when needed to make sure that your employees and customers are protected. Cloud storage and connectivity can be optimized for quality, file size, and storage capacity while ensuring that you always have access to your footage.

High-definition video and audio, comprehensive visual coverage, remote accessibility, and much more are all achievable through surveillance system services from Mercer Bucks Technology.

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